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Awareness Training Ireland is wholly owned by Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland, a registered charity. All the profits from our training courses are used to fund the charity's free mental health awareness and suicide prevention training in schools and colleges around the country.

The same facilitators who work in schools and colleges around the country every week are the facilitators for our courses. They bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and practical skills to our courses. Our facilitators work as easily with teachers, parents, youth workers and GAA coaches as with corporate personnel.
Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland has been at the cutting-edge of mental health awareness and suicide prevention training for the last 10 years. Our training courses are designed for real world situations such as recognising that a colleague is in crisis and knowing what to do about it.
Mental Health Awareness
Suicide Prevention
Suicide Intervention
Psychometric Administration
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Awareness Training Ireland

Charity Owned
Bespoke or Ready-Made Courses
Our courses have been developed by ]occupational psychologists and include the most up to date mental health information, management strategies and legal advice. They are based on our extensive knowledge of mental health issues and suicide intervention over 10 years.

Real-World Courses
Skills based Approach
Our training methodology has been developed by working with students in a classroom environment. Our training courses are skills based with a stong practical element. Most of our courses will include psychometric assessments, situational experiences and group sessions.

Experienced Facilitators
Your Location or Ours
We offer a wide range of courses to meet every skill level. We organise one series of courses per month that are open to any company or organisation. We are also able to provide in-house training at your location should you wish to have a number of staff, volunteers or parents trained.

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Training Levels Available
We offer a range of training levels:
  • Introductory
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Training for trainers